Perfume is intended as a vague odor accent. It is certainly not the intention to envelop yourself in a dominating cloud of perfume. The Adolfo Dominguez Perfume are so good and last very long when compared to the other perfumes.You get used to the smell of other perfumes yourself and after a while you hardly smell it anymore. Moreover, you choose a fragrance for yourself that you like, but others may find it less pleasant and even bothered by it.

Adolfo Dominguez Perfume: Agua Fresca De Rosas

AGUA FRESCA DE ROSAS by Adolfo Dominguez, a perfume which can be used for an entire year.If you can easily find yourself saying: «what I love is fresh perfumes , then without any  doubt, and as its name suggests, the perfume Agua Fresca de Rosas by Adolfo Dominguez is for you. It has a very mild odour, natural and not sweet at all. It is perfect to be used for a whole day. This is one of the perfumes to be found at the rate of just and it is one of the perfumes you will find for less than 36 euros. It comes in 120ml bottle. Click down to buy the product.

It is mostly made up of Bulgarian rose. This is what makes it more sensual with simple fragrance. It never gets un noticed when it gets broken. And furthermore it has a small touch of  acid fruit and nature. This Adolfo dominguez perfume smell  bear a resemblance to mountain river or wet grass. In the background notes there is a note of wood and amber. So it becomes little thicker.

The only two countries in the whole world to grow the best roses are Bulgaria and Turkey. These roses has the best aromatic, healing and medicinal properties so these things makes the flower a brilliant  product for many uses.

On the first Sunday of June, the feast of rose has been celebrated in the small town of Kazanlak in the country of the Balkans. This feast would represent the collection of the rose from the beginning to the end of the month. 

During this time, more than one and half tons of oil is been extracted. You must know how much flowers are needed for the extraction of oil.  You need 3 tons of flower to extract just one kilo of oil. This is why adolfo dominguez perfumes are so precious.

Adolfo Dominguez Perfume

The perfume of Adolfo Domínguez is a perfect one for any time . Yet the fragrance is just mild at night and at special occasions also. But if you love light and lasting odours, then you will feel very comfortable with the fresh rose water and it also makes you feel more safe and secure and also sensual. So ladies: if you want to attract someone, you know what fragrance to use. And gentlemen: if you want to be attracted, you know which perfume to give. The Adolfo dominguez perfume prices are affordable.

Where do you apply it?

You apply the Adolfo dominguez perfume to places where you can see or feel your heart rate on the surface. So your wrists, the inside of your elbows, your knees, the dimple of your throat and your neckline. Choose a few of these points, not all of them. Or use the method as mentioned below by walking through it.

How do you apply it?

Keep the bottle about 15 to 20 cm from the skin. The perfume is then nicely distributed over a slightly larger surface of the skin.

Another subtle way is to spray the perfume in the air for you and then walk through it.

Where do you not apply it?

Do not spray the Adolfo dominguez perfumes directly on your clothing as it may cause stains. In addition, substances can react differently with the odor. Also do not spray it directly into your hair. The reaction with hair products can change the odor.